More Perfectly Logical Propaganda on Facebook

Holy crap.  I just spotted this on Facebook and was moved to write about it. It’s rare these days, that I’m moved to write about anything. So thank you, Anonymous Facebook “friend” for giving me a kick-start.

Oh, and BTW, there's no apostrophe in WMDs

Oh, and BTW, there’s no apostrophe in WMDs

WTF? This isn’t exactly the way it went down. W said there were WMDs in IRAQ not the “Middle East”. This kind of out-of-context stuff is enough to drive me to Gowanda, as my mother used to say. I noticed that several people “liked” it. Oh, how I wish there were a “don’t like” button so I could make my feelings known. What about the thumbs up/down to replace the “Like” button?

Speaking of WMDs, (and it has been ten-plus years since Bush LIED TO US about WMDs in Iraq in his famous State of the Union address in 2003), we are pretty sure that there actually ARE chemical weapons in Syria. We’ve seen the pictures and received the verdict. Chemical weapons killed 1400 innocent people in Syria. Maybe not all of them were innocent, but nevertheless, using chemical weapons is deplorable under any circumstances.

This is not a good situation, and I’ll reluctantly admit that something should probably be done about it. But not by us, the good ol’ USA, who yet again feels it must take the weight of the world on its shoulders and fix everything that’s gone wrong in the world. If a few other countries would step up to the we’re-outraged-and-something-must-be-done-about-it bar and be willing to expend some energy (and money and expertise and support and manpower), to demonstrate to Assad what the world thinks of his actions, that would be one thing. But no one has. Not one country.

I heard on one of the nauseating 24-hour news channels that all polls show that the majority of “The Amurican people” are — by huge margins — against getting involved in the Middle East. The numbers vary depending on the poll (and who is conducting it and what segment of the population is being asked) but are consistent. Let these polls show our politicians (especially those who are trying to manipulate Obama into striking Syria just so they can criticize the methods with which he does it, not to mention the outcome and any collateral damage), that WE DON’T WANT TO GET INVOLVED WITH ANYTHING IN THE MIDDLE EAST ANY LONGER.

Listen to the population, listen to your constituents. We should have an opinion in this. We don’t want it. I can’t think of one good reason to do it since it is pretty likely we’ll be aiding those who want to do us harm anyway. So, we’ll help you so you can try to kill us later. Sounds perfectly logical to me.

Obama said he wouldn’t do anything without the support of Congress. If he doesn’t get the support of Congress but chooses to do it anyway, I’m going to be extremely disappointed in a President I have supported and trusted to do the right thing.

Attacking Syria is not the right thing to do.