Ein weiteres großartiges Tool von Google*!

Do you speak GermanI received an interesting comment on my last post Euphemism, Anyone? I said to myself, hmm, this is not an English comment. Why, I believe this is in German! This is a German comment! Someone in Germany likes this post well enough to leave a comment. How swell is that?

Wonder what it says? was my next reaction. Of course, here I probably should have stopped to consider that perhaps someone offering a comment in German just possibly might not understand the nuance of English euphemisms anyway. Or wouldn’t they have written the comment in English?

But no, I didn’t think that. My first reaction was to figure out what it said. I found Google Translate. I did not know about this before. This would be a handy tool to use if you want to include foreign text in your writing. Once again, I am amazed at the WWWWW (Wunderbar, Wunderbar World Wide Web).

The German comment:

Denn auf unserem Geschenke und Geschenkideen Blog präsentieren wir schöne Dinge und Wohnkamine. Wir ziehen umher und sehen kontinuierlich mal was uns besonders gefällt und das präsentieren wir hier. Freilich können Sie die meisten Produkte auch sofort kaufen, jedoch ausschließlich via amazon, damit der Einkauf sicher ist natürlich!

The translation:

Because of our gifts and gift ideas blog we present beautiful Living things and fireplaces. We move around and continuously see something we really like, and present the [what?] we are here. Of course you can also buy most products immediately, but only via amazon so the shopping is safe of course!

So while I was initially intrigued by a German visitor, it appears they are really pushing their own agenda here and not offering to contribute to any thought process dealing with euphemisms or why they are so popular.

Thanks, anyway, Moodlights! I appreciate your stopping by to leave an advertisement! Vielen Dank for that! Here’s my reply:

Danke für den Kommentar. Allerdings wäre es besser gewesen, wenn Sie hatte in den Inhalt und nicht als ein Mittel, um Ihr eigenes Geschäft zu fördern interessiert worden. Und es würde helfen, wenn ich Deutsch verstanden, was ich nicht tun. Aber es machte mich neugierig genug, zu wollen, es zu übersetzen, und ich fand diese große neue Google Translate-Tool. Also für das, ich danke Ihnen sehr.

Disclaimer: I have no idea if this makes any sense.

Anyway,Google Translate could be another great tool for writers. Or anyone who needs a translation. As you type text into one box, it is translated into the chosen language in another. There are 72 languages available. It’s doubtful you’d need anything else.

I’m bookmarking this site for future reference. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to vouch for the actual translation. That may be an issue.

But at least it looks authentic.

Blog Update: You may be happy to hear that the popularity of euphemisms is not slowing down. A full 46% of the hits against this blog last week were for 20 Examples of Great Euphemisms. Gah!

* Another Great Tool From Google!

3 thoughts on “Ein weiteres großartiges Tool von Google*!

  1. I only recently learned about Google Translate as well. Knowing French, I played around a bit to see how accurate it was. It seemed okay, though much of the nuance was gone, as would be expected.

    I haven’t had a German ‘visitor’ yet, but I have had some Italians and what I would guess are Martians based on the gobbledegook…

    • I thought it was the best translator I’d seen, although I haven’t researched that extensively. I just happened on it and was really impressed. Yes, I am pleased to have my first German guest. If only they weren’t just using my blog as a means to advertise whatever it is they are selling.

  2. I have used the Google translator a few times to translate into German which I studied 30-some years ago, even lived in Munich for a year, but lost from non-use. The translator loses the nuances as Carrie stated above, and worse can give the opposite nuance. I remember enough German to recognize that much. It’s fun to post in German to my German Facebook friends.

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