More Scam Spam Fun!

Email ScamSince I had a bit of a virtual romp with Olga a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been receiving some other types of interesting propositional emails from people.

Some like this one from 楊惠君.

Disclaimer: This is an actual email, copied and pasted from my Yahoo email account. It was not altered in any way, in order to make it more ludicrous or humorous. I did not compose the email sent by Mrs Vina Long.

From: “”楊惠君”” <>


Sent: Friday, March 8, 2013 5:51 PM

Subject: From Vina.



I am Mrs. Vina Long an aging widow suffering from cancer, a long time illness. Before my late husband died we had no children. I have some funds I inherited from my late husband. I will ask my attorney to prepare the necessary document to transfer the funds from my husband online offshore account and property to you. I want you to help me with this as I am very sick and cannot do this myself as I have to make my last wish come true. I have an estate in Medford NJ (USA) and a total sum of GBP£4.3Million (Four Million Three Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling) in my late husband online offshore account, which I have instructed my attorney to transfer the account of the person I have decided to make my next of kin. I need you to sell the property in Medford NJ USA. And 30\25 of the total sum should be transferred to any orphanage home. I need a very honest and God fearing Christian that will use the fund for God’s work, I found your email address from the internet and decided to contact you. Please if you would be able to use the funds for the Lord’s work, kindly reply me back.

Thanks again for you concern and Stay blessed.

Mrs Long


This is terrible! My heart goes out to Mrs Vina Long! O the unfairness of it all, widowed, suffering from a long cancer illness, having no one to bestow her fortunes on! What could be worse. I ask ya. Just what could be worse.

Of course, her cancer being a “long” illness rather than a “short” one, seems beneficial. Maybe I can point that out to her.

My heartfelt reply to Mrs Vina Long follows.

Hello Mrs. Vina Long,

I am replying you back and am sorry that you are an aging widow, suffering from cancer (a long time illness). Also, I am aging (aren’t we all?) but not a widow. Cancer is sometimes a short term illness, though, so let’s hope your particular illness continues on for a very long time. We are all terminal, don’t forget this, and perhaps you will outlive the cancer. Meaning of course, that something else will get you in the end. Not a pleasant thought, unfortunately.

You say before your late husband died, you had no children. Does this mean that you had children after he died? If so, that is also most unfortunate.

It is very generous of you to ask your attorney to prepare the necessary document to transfer the funds from your “husband online offshore account” and property to me. I am already quite well-to-do and look upon this as a possible tax problem. Can your attorney advise me about that?

Of course I am willing to do what I can. I have no real knowledge of how to sell real estate or of Medford, NJ. The only thing I can say is, I can put on a killer Jersey accent! So maybe I will fit right in down there in “Joisey” Hahaha!

For the humor, I apologize, but am trying to cheer you in this, your hour of great need. You being so sick and all. Sometimes a laugh helps the spirits lift, know what I’m sayin’?

For my next area of confusion, I see you have decided to make me your next of kin. Can you do this? Could you please adopt me first? I am willing for you to become my guardian. God knows, I need guarding (and guidance) because even though I am old in years, I still behave like an utter ass sometimes.

So on to the estate in Medford. I am to sell the property and 30/25 of the total sum should be transferred to any orphanage home? I am not so good at “the maths” as they say there Across the Pond, but it appears as if this is greater than the price I would receive for the property. Does this come out of the 4.3 Million Great British Pounds Sterling?

Please do not underestimate my honesty. It is utter and complete. Trust me — you can trust me! I live to do these good deeds whenever I hear from people such as you.

As for God-fearing, need we fear God? I have always had a problem with that. I guess I don’t fear Him, so does this eliminate me as your potential next of kin? I am very sorry to have to say this, but, since I am so honest and trustworthy (and trusting too!) I will tell you the truth. So can we just strike out the God-fearing part and maybe substitute God-respecting? Or maybe we could just remove that clause altogether?

I will however, use the fund for God’s work. He works in mysterious ways, I’m told, so maybe God wants me to invest in a hedge fund.

You found my email address on the internet? How did you know I was honest because of that?

I am very grateful and honored to be chosen for this, and to do “God’s work”.

Please write soon, and tell me what steps we need to take to get the adoption completed. I am looking forward to becoming your next of kin.

You stay blessed too, Mom (can I call you that now?) and write soon…

Your Devoted Next of Kin

Okay! I’m all set to become the NOK of Mrs Vina Long, I guess.

Really. Can we stop with this stuff? There is not a person left ON THE PLANET who will not do the triple eye roll at this. Congratulations though, for landing in my Inbox, and not my spam folder. You must be doing something right.

Unfortunately, to date, I have not heard back from Mrs. Vina Long.

15 thoughts on “More Scam Spam Fun!

  1. Haha! That made me laugh out loud. I’m glad that you take spam in stride. 🙂 You know, I recently got an “email” (spam, of course) from the Yahoo Customer Relations Dept, from their “Bangkok headquarters”, and apparently I’ve “won” 2 million dollars in random sweepstakes (despite not having a Yahoo account) and simply need to send a certain gentleman all my information, short of what color underwear I’m wearing, to claim my millions. What a lucky day…yay for funny spam!

    • Thanks to Mrs Vina Long, I say. May she live a rich and happy life, despite her long cancer illness. At least Mrs Long’s is not potentially dangerous spam, like the Fedex, USPS, and others, where people might click on a link. Who knows what evil lurks there? Yeah, about that two million. Who has cash like that to throw around “randomly”? Hah!

  2. Wow, it is coming now from other areas besides Nigeria. You might be careful that your accounts that you might access yourself via Internet are not hacked into and things start disappearing from your bank account without you having given them any bank information.
    I do not reply and delete spam, because I don’t know enough about how leaks and hacking works. You are brave to start replying…it is fun, but risky.

    • I’m not sure how they could do that, since none of that information is on my personal laptop but maybe. You’re probably right and I should stop messing about in the spam folder. But it is fun.

  3. OMG, this one is even better than the Olga one! Like ‘Babyboomer’, I delete all spam, but since your personal info isn’t on your laptop, maybe just one or two more of these??? I particularly loved the 30/25 bit, and the orphanage! Wouldn’t you love to meet the owner of the mind that devised this one? Or minds – could be a whole group sitting around a bottle of vino and some weed, killing multiple brain cells, while they enjoy visions of untold wealth wending its way into their hot little hands!!
    Great job!!

    • I will scour my spam folder for more good material. This one actually came right to my Inbox. Thanks for commenting all the time, Sue. I appreciate the appreciation of my feeble attempts.

  4. I too am keen on receiving some Great British Pounds. Even some Good or OK British Pounts will do, really. Should you venture be successful, please consider letting Mrs. Vina adopt me too?

    • Those are Great British Pounds Sterling. Don’t forget that! Whatever it means. Of course, I am willing to share Mrs Vina Long, aging widow with long cancer illness. As soon as she writes back to me I will tell her all about your interest in becoming an adoptee.

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