Boomer Lit Friday

Perigee Moon Cover jpgI’m participating in a Boomer Blogging Extravaganza which will take place every Friday. It’s a way to bring attention to the new genre of books called Boomer Lit. Click here, Boomer Lit Friday  to go to your one-stop shopping boomer lit blog which will feature snippets from a variety of “baby boomer” novels. It’a a good place to get a taste of what boomer authors are writing about.

This is a section from Perigee Moon that I especially like. Abby has been upset all day, about Kate’s following her around, confronting her in the grocery store, calling her. As usual, it looks like Kate might win out. Luke has just returned to Abby, from telling Kate to back off and leave them alone.

“There is such a thing as being too unselfish,” he says. “Why can’t you acknowledge your right to a good life? Don’t they say that before you can love someone you have to love yourself?”

“It’s funny you should mention it because that is exactly what I thought about while you were gone.”

She tips her glass toward his. “To us,” she says. “I decided that when you came back, if you said what I’d hoped you would and you did, that I would put this episode of Kate behind me. That I would do something selfish for a change. Because I love you and you love me and that makes two people happy. If you went back to Kate and were happy that would also make two people happy, so it would be even. But if you aren’t happy and only one person is happy, that being Kate, then it wouldn’t be beneficial to you or me. And I have also decided that I have as much right to be happy as she does.”

“I’m glad the math works in my favor,” he says and laughs. Another example of Abby’s odd logic.

“It’s funny,” she says. “Not funny. Strange. I didn’t see you for all those years and I was fine with my life. Then we ran into each other again and I knew right away that I loved you. And now, after the last few months, I know I couldn’t go back to not being with you and be fine with my life again. I would miss you every day and my life would be less rewarding. Does that make any sense? That I couldn’t go back to the way I was?”

“Yes,” Luke says. “It makes sense. Because it’s the same for me. Let’s get married.”

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