BlogFestivus 2012 – Rudolph (#9)

Next up is Rudolph. Everyone thinks they know this story. But it was all hearsay. This is what really happened. (And I found I had to look up whether it was “hearsay” or “heresay”. Duh.)

And this concludes the nine-day exercise. I’m glad I completed it, but now I’m back to my weekly Monday posts. Whew, say you. My stats for December are skewed because of all this flurry of activity. Very nice! Thanks for reading all this triviality.

Sponsored by Blogdramedy, each story will be about one of Santa’s reindeer and must be exactly 243 words long. Many other bloggers are taking part. The list follows the story, if you would like to check out other stories and compare.



Everyone knows the story of Rudolph, how the other reindeer used to laugh at him, call him names, not let him play any reindeer games. Don’t need to get into specifics here.

Rudolph went to a lot of pains to hide what he considered to be a serious birth defect, that big red schnozzeroo, glowing bright enough you’d need sleep goggles if you shared a stall with him.

Along comes Santa and here’s where the story gets dicey. The ice caps had started melting, the temperature of the ocean increased, and the fog rolled in. Santa couldn’t see the flask in front of his face with that fog.

Santa needed help. He needed Rudolph, who was hiding at least 75 watts behind a bad disguise.

sad reindeer with glasses

Yo Rudy! Santa cried. Global warming is making my Christmas Eve a nightmare. Such fog as you’ve never seen! What say you help us out a little here? There’s something in it for you, if you do.

The rest is history. Rudolph guided Santa’s sleigh through the fog, with not one pileup, and now the other reindeer loved him. Yeah, sure. Easy to love a winner.

Rudolph’s salary was higher than all the other reindeer combined. He invested heavily in philanthropic ventures, including the YRCA, the RIAC, and the FUR Foundation in order to bring his income down to where he paid the same tax rate as his secretary and lived happily ever after in the top 1%.

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20 thoughts on “BlogFestivus 2012 – Rudolph (#9)

  1. Loved this series!! You did a great job – am not at all surprised by that, as I’ve always envied your sense of humor and your ability to verbalize it!! Too bad there are only 9 reindeer!

    • Au contraire (sp?) I am glad there are only nine reindeer. It was a stretch coming up with something every day. I wanted to make one a practical joker but couldn’t make it work. Thanks for reading, Sue!

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