BlogFestivus 2012 – Comet (#5)

Wasn’t sure whether to post this today or not. Maybe many readers are just not in the mood for some blathering about reindeer.

At the risk of getting too political, there will be those who say (as they always do in the face of a massacre), “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” No. No, no, no. If the sick people could not have guns, they would not be able to take the lives of those who were innocently going about their daily activities, oblivious to the fact that they are about to come into contact with someone who is dangerously mentally ill and who, for whatever reason, wants to kill others at random.

It is time to take a serious look at gun control. But it may already be too late for that. Think about the vast quantities of guns already out there, how could it ever work? For sure, the majority of gun-owners would not give them up voluntarily. The ammunition would have to be controlled, and little by little it would become precious and cost much more than it was worth, and so maybe deter a fraction of the crazies.

We, as parents, have a responsibility to evaluate our children and determine if they are functioning normally or not. This guy, Adam, must have been exhibiting some characteristics that might raise an eyebrow. He had no interaction with friends. And what was his mother doing with a couple of Glocks anyway?

I feel so bad for those caught up in these situations, those unlucky enough to be in a place targetted by psychotics with guns. It is just by chance they are there, where there is danger.

If you don’t want to read further, I understand that. I wrote it yesterday before I knew, so I’ll post it.

Next up is Comet. Moral of this story is: It’s never to late for a second career.

Sponsored by Blogdramedy, each story will be about one of Santa’s reindeer and must be exactly 243 words long. Many other bloggers are taking part. The list follows the story, if you would like to check out other stories and compare.



Santa stepped inside The Deer Hall, just as Comet and the Buckabillies were hitting the signature line of their signature song “…when the stalls come tumbling down …”. The microphone let out a squeal that nearly fried his hearing aid.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Santa exclaimed.

Thankfully, the other patrons didn’t hear him over the din. They hissed, booed, and covered their ears.

After the set, Comet sat at the bar, downing double grogs, and Santa plopped his plump posterior on the next barstool.

Might want to adjust the EQ on your microphone channel, Santa suggested.

Comet downed the grog left in his trough. Everyone’s got the answer, Comet said. It’s our last night here. Fired.

Santa patted Comet’s haunch. Tell you what, he said. Might have an opening coming up. Slicker, been with me over two hundred years, got cataracts, gets dizzy. Needs the Oxy so as not panic now when he flies. All the other reindeer been bitching, saying he ain’t pulling his weight. They claim they’re hauling his deadass around. Gonna have to put him out to pasture, put him on Oatstamps. You look you got a few centuries left in you. Want the job? Consider it a midlife change in career.

Comet sighed. I’ll let you know.

You do that, said Santa.

Took Comet about thirty seconds. I’ll take it.

And Comet has been pulling Santa’s sleigh for well over one hundred years with no sign of slowing down.

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13 thoughts on “BlogFestivus 2012 – Comet (#5)

  1. Well context accepted the daily story is amusing, and good job for having a go.

    On the subject of the gun control, well you know I come from a country where they are not legal, so you could probably guess my view. That said, I’m tempted to think that guns should remain legal, but make the ammo illegal. The gun nuts can waffle on as much as they like about being able to have a gun then.

    • Nothing will come of it, even after a tragedy like this, and people bring up the subject yet again, they end up buckling under to the gots-to-have-them-guns types. The rest of the world must be rolling their eyes at us. We get so upset, as a nation, when these events happen. With special coverage, and vigils, and candle lightenings, and tears and yet we allow people to have guns. It is so easy to get them too. It makes me really crazy. But there is nothing anyone can do, with the mentality of a lot of the people in this country. (I almost said “crazy country” then decided not to.)

  2. I am waiting to hear where he got the guns where he got the ammunition before I get on the gun control bandwagon. in the meantime the soap box I AM on is the afford-ability of health care; most notably mental health care, which often is ignored because of cost. And cost us it has!
    I too blogged about this tragedy using another blogger’s ( challenge. you can read my post

    And on a brighter note (because it is Comet’s day)

    • I thought he got the guns from his mother, who had two handguns in the house. The whole problem escalates when people now have to buy guns (who wouldn’t ardinarily have had them) in order to protect themselves. I will never have one, let them shoot me. I will not have a gun. Ever.

      Thanks for your comment. I will check out your posts.

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