BlogFestivus 2012 – Dancer (#2)

This is a bit harder than I thought. I am writing each day’s story the day before, so I don’t get into a writer’s block headspin on the Due Date. Below is the story about Dancer. My general idea: make each reindeer a little disfunctional in one area. Dasher has a problem with depression and overall crankiness. Read on, to discover what Dancer’s problem is.

Sponsored by Blogdramedy, each story will be about one of Santa’s reindeer and must be exactly 243 words long. Many other bloggers are taking part. The list follows the story, if you would like to check out other stories and compare.



Of the nine reindeer, Dancer was the first to be employed by Santa. All the others came later and none of the other reindeer knew anything about what Dancer had done with his life before becoming part of Team Clause.

Every night Dancer disappeared for several hours, after the other reindeer were nestled in their beds, faking sleep.

Where did Dancer go?

And what about that name? Dancer? As yet, no one had seen him so much as attempt a soft shoe. And all his claims of being the four-footed Pony champion were conveniently unable to be substantiated due to the fact that any demonstration had to be done to the tune of “Runaround Sue” and none of the other reindeer had this forgotten golden oldie on any playlist.

When asked about his past, Dancer always shook his head so hard his antlers clattered together — he was quite well-endowed — and teared up. The past is better left alone, he said, his childhood memories too painful, except for being that badass clogger he’d been  back when his rack was nothing but a couple of nubs.

One night, after too many bobs into the grog trough, Dancer revealed the truth: He had gender-identification issues. Dancer was actually a female.

The explanation then, of Dancer’s mysterious nocturnal disappearances. She slipped far away, into the deep snow of the North Pole, away from the crowded stalls, so that her counterparts would not see her squatting.

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