Are You A Twitter User? Check Your Tweets!

If you have decided to use Twitter as a marketing tool for your self-published novel (or for any other reason), check your tweets regularly. Because, if you don’t — You Might Miss Something!

Social media is the way to promote books, if you are an Indie author and/or publisher. That’s pretty much a given, but there are so many venues. Which one(s) to choose? I chose Facebook and Twitter. I have a Facebook fan page, where I post a link to a new blog article, and an autopost goes to Twitter whenever there is a new blog post published.

I checked Twitter faithfully for a long time and accumulated a few followers, and noticed that I would get this notification: “@xtrememarketing is now following you on Twitter!”. When I’d check out this particular Twitter user, often I wouldn’t know how s/he found me in the first place. Many of these strangers were following thousands of other people. I couldn’t figure out how they would ever see my particular tweets and anyway, why would they care about what I had to say?

Puzzling over this, I did a little research and found that what a lot of people do is check the list of followers for people they currently follow, and become followers of all those people. Twitter etiquette is more or less “you follow me, I’ll follow you” but what these mass marketers would do, is unfollow me as soon as I signed up to follow them. You don’t know when someone unfollows you, only when they begin to follow you. So now, you are following them but they don’t have to follow you.

Even if they don’t unfollow you, how can they ever find you, in the sea of tweets of thousands? There are lists that can be created, where you can follow the tweets of only the people you really care about. Again, what are my chances of being included on the A-list?

Bottom line, I forgot about Twitter. Didn’t check, didn’t have time, didn’t bother. Then one night I got the urge to tweet something so I downloaded Tweetdeck onto my phone and now started getting tweets again. This past weekend I got a notification (when someone tweets you directly) that I’d been nominated for a blogger award. But also on that list, was a tweet from one of my Boomers and Books buddies, that she had featured Perigee Moon on her Teaser Tuesday post! Great news, except it was back in June! I hadn’t even known about it.

Gah! I felt terrible.

I should have been on that post, replying to the people who left comments. But it’s too late now, it’s been four months.

Moral of the story: If you sign up for Twitter, people expect you are using it, and they assume you read your tweets. If you aren’t going to check them, disable your account. Otherwise, you won’t know what you are missing.

Many readers of The Tuesday Teaser post left comments. Most were positive, “sounds like a good read”, “will check it out”, etc. But here were three I found interesting:

Luke sounds a little bit spineless

Not sure if its for me though…I like stronger willed characters.

I think that Luke is going to be a character that I would like to shake really hard and tell him to get a life

Poor Luke has had this criticism before, that he can be pushed around, that he doesn’t think for himself, etc. I tried to portray him as a passive sort of guy, who keeps a lot of his thoughts inside and was able to be manipulated when he was younger. Sometimes it takes a little growth and maturity to become the person we were meant to be. It was so with Luke.

I know of a case where this Kate/Luke scenario actually happened. Not firsthand, but a friend of a friend kind of situation. Here’s how it went. The woman stalked him, sat outside his house and waited for him to come home at night, from outings with his friends and even dates with other girls. She wouldn’t go away. Finally, he caved and she got her man, and they’ve been married for decades. This is a happier ending than Luke and Kate but I found that story interesting and fictionalized their relationship on the idea that if one person wants it bad enough, sometimes she can convince the other to go along.

This is what happened to Luke. What do you think? Some of you baby boomers, don’t you think that was possible back then? I thought it was.

And now…

News You Should Not Notice!

“I have something, very, very big concerning the President of the United States.” Donald Trump, self-appointed highly respected political analyst, teased the Fox & Friends folks with this tidbit Monday during a phone interview. He is going to announce it sometime on Wednesday, he says, and “it’s going to be very big.”

DonkeyHotey / Foter / CC BY-SA

Just how big is that, Donald? When are we, as a nation who recognizes people such as this guy as somehow having something valuable to say (like “the job numbers are a lot of monkey business”), going to slap ourselves up side the head and recognize that maybe, uh, he’s a moron? Monkey business? That’s a phrase out of the fifties.

Remember, Donald, “The world rewards the appearance of merit oftener than merit itself.” (François de la Rochefoucauld) 

Appearance is the key word here. You only appear to be someone who matters. You really aren’t.

Distressed Lady Photo courtesy of Microsoft Clip Art.

3D Man Photo courtesy of

6 thoughts on “Are You A Twitter User? Check Your Tweets!

  1. Haha. You and I were on the same brain waves today, weren’t we? Complete with the criticism about our books and all!

    I just followed you on Twitter, and I’ll go seek out your author page on FB. By the way, the website Just Unfollow is great. You can find out who’s no longer following you on Twitter and unfollow them (like those mass marketers you mentioned who immediately unfollow).

  2. Maybe I’m suspicious but any new followers on twitter, I MIT follow back but will check in a few days to see if they are still following. Then any unfollowers get picked up. I don’t tweet too much but I like following certain people. For example prior to a football game I can get team news and opinion, and it feels like part of the build up to the game now.

    Donald trump is sure to tell us something that is not at all relevant to actually improving the country and sure to highlight some useless point we all ought to ignore. Sadly he will get the publicity.

    • I am suspicious now too. I like to follow funny people who tweet jokes all day, like Andy Borowitz and Stephan Colbert. But really, I check it rarely so I’m not sure how helpful it would be for me to tweet anything.

      I have heard surprisingly little about The Donald’s big announcement. But someone did tweet that it had something to do with Obama selling cocaine in college. Which is probably not true.

  3. Hi Lynn, I am one of those who signs up and never follows through. I’ll try to take your advice. Thanks for heads up about Perigree Moon. I’ve been wanting to read it. NOW, about indie authors and i’net promotions; First of all, I am an internet dunce so I seldom have any advice HOWEVER, to date I have offered my book free three times. Although I am on Facebook I do not have a page. Nevertheless I spruiked my freebie on Twitter and Facebook as well as a couple of sites offering free advertisement. The results were dismal. 300-400 copies downloaded each time. On one occasion I spent $50 and put it on Free Booksy. That result was over 2,000 downloads. Don’t know if any of it has done me any good. Sales are still slow…………………

    • I hear you with the slow sales. I am spinning my wheels trying to find the sites that list the promotions. I want to make sure it’s not all witches and vampires and sci fi before I submit anything. I don’t see how any of this is going to do much. But it is available at free today and tomorrow so please download! I am reading Goodbye Junie Moon and loving it. I like your voice, a lot.

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