Who Is This Person Anyway?

Today I updated my About page. Yesterday I updated my website. The more posts I write, the more I can’t stand the Goody-Goody in me to surface. That’s not me. It’s not who I am. Sarcastic, that’s who I am. So no more Ms. Nice Woman. WYSIWYG.

It’s an opportunity to get you to read the new About page. You know you want to do it and I’ll know how many of you actually clicked on it. My stats will show the counts. So go ahead. Make my day.

I started following a blogger this week, The Cheeky Diva. I don’t know how I ended up there, but it was from a link from a blog I already follow. Sometimes, I link to one, which links to another, and on and on it goes, until I can’t remember how I got there but it doesn’t matter because it’s a blog that I like and one from which I think I can learn something. Mostly, how to be yourself, how to get your voice onto the page.

It doesn’t work to deny your real voice. This is who I am. This is how I really feel. That’s what should come through. The Cheeky Diva does that. She really lets it all hang out there, from her extremely dysfunctional family when she was growing up to what’s happening to her today.

When the email announcing her new post came, I clicked on it. It was great. The first post that I got after becoming a follower of her blog, went Freshly Pressed. This is something I have talked about a lot in the past. It is probably boring to non-bloggers but interesting to the WordPress community because it is something everyone wants to achieve.  It’s just those WordPress Gods bestowing honors on posts they think are really, really good. Sometimes I can’t see why they are good, but that’s probably because I’m not always interested in the subject matter. But not the case with this particular FP choice.

Of course, it’s not for everyone. I admire her ability to be that honest, to be able to write candidly about her childhood. I’m not sure I could do it, but then I had a completely Goody-Goody type of childhood. I love the wit, the irony, the sarcasm and the comedy of some of the bloggers I follow. One of these days, I’m going to put up a blog roll which will list them all.

So, in keeping with my new quest for bloggery realism, I have been collecting pictures and data for a series of posts I will call “Why Would Anyone Do This?” I’ll be posting the first one next week. I am fascinated by certain things people do, that I find odd, or stupid, or uncomfortable, or really weird. I have several posts in mind.

While I was writing this, another blogger I follow received notification that she is being featured as one of the bloggers of the day on bloggers.com. Wow, that’s great too. Maybe it’s because all good things happen to bloggers I follow. That’s it. I am the catalyst for all the mighty achievements happening in the blog worlds of others. I need to remain calm here, squash my feelings of invidiousness.

Really. It’s okay. I’ll be all right.

(Note: It appears my last post was reposted this morning. All my followers will get an email about it. I was just adding tags. Honest! It’s WordPress’s fault.)


Image courtesy of Michal Marcol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

11 thoughts on “Who Is This Person Anyway?

  1. Okay, I have checked out the new ‘About’ page. Fun to learn these things about you. And I’m liking your attitude. We should never try to be more or less than we are. (Wow, wasn’t that profound? Nothing like a chiche to convey one’s point… 😉 )

  2. Lynn, I have always liked your blog because it is informative. NOT BORING AT ALL- see, I read your new ‘about’. But I am disagreeing with you this time. First, as already stated, you’re not boring. And second, I looked up your recommended blog and although it is so popular, I DON’T LIKE IT. WHY? Because it is about misery and I don’t wish to get bogged down in misery. I know I am in the minority because a recent article I read says that the most popular books at the moment are, of course, fantasy, but – that is followed by ‘misery bio’s’. Just shows, I am always out of step.
    I am going to put my ebook out free AGAIN soon and I hope you might find time to download and review it because I like your in-depth reviews. My memoir too is filled with honesty and shows all my warts. I wasn’t scared to show them because I know they are balanced by my strengths.
    It is time I read one of your books…..I hate this ‘you tick mine, I’ll tick yours’, sort of thing that goes on on Goodreads. But that is not the case in this instance. I enjoy your writing.
    I don’t follow many bloggers, I’m not much of a blogger and don’t have the time.

    • I will definitely download your book and read it. I am currently reading books of all the people I meet online who are trying to promote their books. If you read one of mine, I personally think Perigee Moon is the best. Next best is Whatever Happened to Lily?

      I appreciate your candor, and thank you so much for commenting. I had never heard of “misery bios”. And thanks for continuing to follow my blog.

  3. I cannot decide if being on freshly pressed is over rated or not, but then I have heard of mixed experiences from being there. Plus I have not been there myself so…

    • It might very well be overrated, because a lot of people will read that one post and then forget all about you. I think it’s an ego thing. Maybe. Anyway thanks for taking the time to comment, I know you are involved in new proects now and not able to be online as much.

  4. You go girl!! Have been telling you since the first book that you should let your sense of humor (sarcastic, as well as funny) “out of the closet”! Have always loved it, and hope to see even more of it in the next book(s).
    I have to say, though, that I think you’re right about Perigee Moon being your best (so far), but thought Second Stories was the next best. When I read Whatever Happened to Lily, I loved it, but could see your growth with each succeeding book. Think anyone reading your books should start with the first one, then they can see how your ‘comfort level’ as an author increases with each book. Don’t know if I’m being clear on this, but hope so.
    Just please keep up the great work – books AND blog!!

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