Will I Ever Be Freshly Pressed?

Will it ever happen? Will I ever be Freshly Pressed?

Alas. So far, it has not been so.

Being Freshly Pressed is a big deal to WordPress bloggers. And we all know that WordPress is the best blogging platform ever (!) with the best blogging tools ever (!!) and WordPress is, well, pretty awesome. (Will this help my chances, WordPress?)

If a blogger’s post ends up on the WordPress home page, he or she can expect high stats, lots of readers, lots of likes, lots of comments, lots of followers. In turn, if the blogger is a writer of books (like me), those readers will see my books, click on the images, buy from Amazon, and write five-star reviews. And I will live happily ever after.

I have never been, nor am I likely ever to be, Freshly Pressed. It just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me. What am I doing wrong? Why can’t the WordPress gurus find me? Why do some bloggers become freshly pressed on their very first post?

And another thing. Occasionally (and I mean this literally – occasionally) I get a notification that a new reader is following my blog. These are so scarce that I nearly always look them up, see what they are up to. I see bloggers who have been at it for four months and have hundreds of followers already. How are they doing that? I have some piddling percentage of that number! Bah!

Enough whining.

I decided to look at each blog post that was Freshly Pressed as of Friday, July 20, to see if I could figure out what was good about it. What was it that caught the eyes of the choosers?

Here are a few of the FPd posts, and links, in case you are interested.

Can a Film Ever Truly Beat a Good Book? Basically no, says the post. If it is a really good book, one where you are drawn in by the characters and the story, a movie will usually come up a lot or a little short. Exception: The Help was almost as good in its film version as the book, but not quite. A very well-written post. 

Hey Rubiks Cube, EFF You! Okay. This is not good, not funny, filled with slight profanities which supposedly gets you bumped from the Freshly Pressed list. The formatting was strange. It had a nice picture of a Rubiks cube. I thought the original had a couple of typos but those have been corrected, if there were any. It was not long, thankfully.

Why Blogging Scares Me. OMG. This was good, the blogger is young (19) and that was apparent, which is fine. I like it a little better if you can’t discern the age or sex of the writer immediately. At least until they give away details so the reader can then figure it out. That’s just me though. The really pissable-off part is that this is the first post this individual has ever written! What?! How does it work that a first post such as this gets noticed and makes the list? I don’t get it. Not that it wasn’t good but… Really? Does this blogger know someone who is calling the Freshly Pressed shots?  It was well-written, despite a plethora of italics, bolded text and caps.

Shirley the Sheepish Feminist. This is pretty good, a post about feminism and why Jerry Seinfeld, in his new show Comedians Driving Around Getting Coffee, found  no women comics to drive around and chat with, only men. 

DIY Scratch Off Cards. Okay, who in their right mind wants to waste time making scratch-off cards?  I’m sure these cards work fine, and there were detailed instructions complete with pictures on how to make them. But why would anyone do this? In the event that I am completely missing the irony intended and also duly noting its originality (i.e. that anyone would have investigated this topic enough to write about it) I’d have to say this was very good.

Why I Watch The Newsroom. I have been told this is a very good series. I intend to watch it, so I was interested to read the review, which was good. From the comments, most think the show is excellent or were encouraged to watch by virtue of reading this post. It was a good review.

Follow the White Rabbit. I didn’t get much of this. It’s about artificial intelligence or something. I started yawning as soon as I realized this. Not into science fiction or fantasy or AI. Nice photos of billboards. Some would probably think this interesting. Alas, not me. But there’s nothing wrong with the post.

Dogs Married In $158,187.25 Wedding! Why Are You Still Single? Apparently a couple of dogs were wed and this pricey event took place in order to raise money for the Humane Society. It was just okay, not great. A picture of the bride and groom would have been funnier but this was not provided. The over-the-top craziness didn’t really work for me.

To My Son…..Finally The Phone Call. Wow. Poetry? I guess it is, short packed phrases which depict this mother’s trouble with her adult son. It was moving, yet I felt voyeuristic reading it, as if perhaps something so personal might be better left to a more private venue than the internet. And then it went FPd so even more people saw it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. 

My 15 Minutes. I suspect most of the calamities suffered during the 15 minutes before the film crew arrived might be a bit of an exaggeration in order to make this post funny. It didn’t work too well for me. Interesting concept: The writer of this blog is giving herself 1000 single days (no relationships, no dates, no sex) in order to “find herself”. That might work, but I guess if I told my husband I was going off for three years, he’d have some trouble with that.

DIY: Swimsuit Wrap. (Apparently “DIY” is big now.) Made with 1½ yards of fabric, four grommets and two chains. For some, I think this would be fine. Myself, I’m into “cover-ups” that are a little less revealing. My current cover-up is a burka. Nice post.

10 Non-fiction Books For the Novel Lover. I’ve read three, and this is a reminder that I always wanted to read Fast Food Nation. A good list.

None of these blogs rate an A+ in my opinion, although there have been FPd posts that I thought did merit that high grade. I have started following several blogs based on the post that was Freshly Pressed, and continue to enjoy every post from these fine writers. Here are three: The Write Transition, Life in the Boomer Lane, and The Byronic Man.

Photo courtesy of freedigitalprints.net

20 thoughts on “Will I Ever Be Freshly Pressed?

    • This is very true. This is a good reminder, that blogs are all about what interests people, not necessarily the writing. I apologize if my critiques were skewed because of that! Thanks for commenting.

  1. I should go to the Freshly Pressed page more often, but I find I have so many other blogs to keep up with that I never get time. It was fun to see your take on things. And thanks so much for the mention of my own blog! Very thoughtful of you. 🙂

    I’m not sure what beckons them, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the WP lords come my way again around the time my book is released. 😉 Speaking of, I have downloaded ‘Perigee Moon,’ it’s in my very long queue. But I am working my way through that queue, which is fun to do. In fact, I think my Thursday post will be a summary of what I’ve read thus far.

    • I don’t follow too many blogs as yet, maybe eight or so, and I’m always on the lookout for new ones, if they are about writing, or humor. The FP thing is a goal or mine, so I do think about it. I often wonder how the blogs are found, but all I read is “be original, creative, pictures help” etc.

      I am looking forward to your book’s release as well, in Sept. So let’s hope those WP guys happen upon you once again!

      • Thanks. 🙂

        I did read once (can’t remember where) that they won’t FP any post that doesn’t credit where the images came from. But that’s all I know on the subject.

      • Interesting! This is a subect I spent the weekend investigating. Seems there have been quite a few blogs written about pirating of images. I vow to clean up my act, having erroneously figured that if I found it on Google images and it didn’t have a watermark, I could use it. I am going through my posts and attributing all of them as my newest project. There are plenty of sites where you can download images as long as you say where they came from.

    • Yes, that would be ironic, yet welcomed, even if I did come by the status through the back door, so to speak. That by merely complaining about it, I bring attention to it. Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. I’d never even heard of FP, or more likely I had, but ignored it. So much to do, so little time, sigh…

    Thanks for the post, I enjoyed discovering Life in The Boomer Lane, loved reading the posts and have bookmarked the site. Though the book link didn’t work, I persevered and found it at Kindle and ended up buying the new book (someone shoot me, my TBR pile is higher than a penthouse).

    Here’s hoping you get Freshly Pressed soon!

  3. I keep wondering why I don’t “get into” blogging or other people’s blogs. I read yours (usually) because I know and love you. I have another friend–though not a really close friend like you–who just started a blog, and so far I haven’t read it. I keep saying “maybe tomorrow.” I do read essayists in the newspaper, many of whom are quite similar to blogs in content. Maybe I’m just slow to latch onto anything new.

  4. Think “Nemo”(as in the fish movie)and “Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming” but, in your case, “Just Keep Blogging, Just Keep Blogging . . .”). DON’T GIVE UP – Hope to see *YOU* FPd soon! 🙂

  5. I think I’m one of the few bloggers on WordPress who doesn’t check stats or maps or Freshly Pressed. Mainly because I’m too lazy. Or it could be that my short-term memory is fading. I forget which. *grin*

    Nice post. If you ever do get Freshly Pressed, let us know. I’ll need the visual “cue” to go check it out. 🙂

    • You don’t check stats? Good for you, it’s no way to determine the popularity of a blog anyway. I will be sure to let you know if I ever do become Freshly Pressed! Thanks for the comment.

  6. This was so interesting! I never go to the freshly pressed page and will do that from time to time now just to see what they have that perhaps I can learn. I love your honesty in your posts – a sign of wisdom. 🙂

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