Three People You Shouldn’t Care About

Two of the three people you shouldn’t care about are named “Kardashian”. It took me a long time to figure out who these people are, and why they are famous, but it was one of those it-just-isn’t-interesting-enough-to-google things and so whenever I’d see the tabloid headlines in the grocery store, I’d wonder, who is that? But then it would be my turn to check out (I still don’t use self check-out if I have produce) and I’d forget about the Kardashians until the next time.

It appears that they might be reality show stars, and that’s the biggest reason I wouldn’t know who they are, because reality shows are as boring to me as watching ESPN at 2:00 AM.

It appears that Mother Kardashian is as twit-like as her daughters (who have names that start with the letter “K”) and has almost as much native intelligence, integrity, sophistication and class as they do. This is according to People We Don’t Give a Shit About Magazine, and I sure wish I could take credit for thinking that up, but it was first said by Andy Borowitz, who is a very funny guy, and if you don’t already, and if you are a leftie, and if you like humorous musings, check out the Borowitz Report and subscribe to it.

Back to the K people. Here is a picture of “Mom”:

Believe it or not, this makes a news story. “Mom” (Kris Kardashian Jenner) does “cringe-worthy antics” and dresses like a bimbo when clearly she’s too old to be a bimbo. She’s also too old to be a cougar. She’s just old. And check out her hot-pink skinny jeans, black leather jacket and the leopard print mules. She looks like she’s all dressed up for a Rick Santorum Rally.

According to the Daily Mail (whatever that is) “She is a garish attention-seeker. She dresses too young for her age.”

And get this. In “honor” of her son’s 25th birthday, she posted a picture of herself on the internet wearing nothing at all when she was pregnant with him. Hoo boy! Bet that’s something you’d like to see on your birthday. The real question: is this normal? I never thought of doing this, but dang, I couldn’t anyway because you know what? I don’t have such a picture because none was taken. Who does “Mom” think she is, Demi Moore?

 On to someone else we’ve read about in People We Can’t Remember Who the F%&k They Are Magazine (again credit goes to A. Borowitz, see above), Kim Kardashian has been flour-bombed! Apparently, at an event for her new fragrance True Repulsion, oh wait, that’s Reflection, a woman strolled casually onto the red carpet with a zip-locked baggie full of the white stuff and dumped it on our favorite Reality (if this is Reality give me Fantasy — please!) Star’s head.

Further investigation revealed that the assailant did this vile deed for the benefit of Kris Humphries, who is Kim’s ex. That would be the marriage which lasted for 72 days. Now, Kim is as committed as the next person, she gave it 72 days to not work out.

Here’s Kim with her Crown of Flour:

And finally, according to People We Can’t Believe We Ever Gave a F%&k About Magazine (this one I’m not sure of but I’m giving the credit to Andy), “Paris Hilton was spotted in Miami on Wednesday sporting a rather interesting-looking ensemble. Her summery dress was peculiar, to say the least! What do you think of Paris’ boho-style cover-up?”

Here’s “boho” Paris Hilton:

We’ve got wars and near-wars, and a housing crisis, and high unemployment, and a recession, and tornadoes, and global warming, and our nation is as divided as it has ever been into two very different mindsets which is causing stagnation in government, and soaring medical costs, and soaring fuel costs, and we are killing our planet but let’s all take a moment and take a long look at Paris Hilton’s peculiar “summery dress”. As if we’d give the tiniest of shits about Paris Hilton or her life or her clothes or her “career” or anything about her.

In other news, A Denver Broncos fan died on Monday, before he had to see his beloved team sign one of his least favorite players.

According to his obituary in the Columbia Daily Tribune, 78-year-old James “Jim” Driver, rather than see Peyton Manning don a Broncos jersey, decided to speed up his exit from this world. He opted out sooner rather than later.

Now this was a guy who is “surius about them Broncos”.

The above examples are the sort of “news” we could use less of.

9 thoughts on “Three People You Shouldn’t Care About

    • Yeah! If more people felt like you and I do, maybe we’d get to read about people who have made a real difference in the world instead of the likes of the Kardashians and Ms. Hilton.

  1. The Daily Mail is a newspaper here in the UK. Or at least, that’s how they market it. It’s more of a scare-mongering, gossip rag. Still! As far as the quote you used goes, I guess they sometimes can print something close to the truth occasionally ;D

    • Well I’m glad I wasn’t insulting a legitimate and thought-provoking magazine by my ignorance of its existence. They did get it right in this case though, Mom Kardashian doesn’t set too good an example, and give a woman like that a little visibility, and look what happens! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Okay, I laughed ’til I cried on this one!! Spot on – you go, girl!! Sure hope you’re saving all these – I’d publish them somewhere down the road!!

    • Thanks for the reminder to continue the chore of backing up these posts. This is my 67th post! Wow, can’t believe it. I am constantly looking around now and thinking, I could blog about that, and they aren’t all about writing but then that would get boring anyway.

  3. Such cretins aren’t they? One time my wife and I had left the tv on whilst doing something in another room and when we came back, the awful Kardashian show was on. One of the daughters was about to get married (not Kim, a younger clone) and she was debating taking her husband’s surname. The mother hag was horrified, because it might harm the Kardashian brand. She went on about it for what seemed like forever, but was probably a few minutes, prior to me tuning it off and debating boiling my head. I could barely believe it.

    Besides if it was that important, couldn’t she have taken his name and used the K name as a stage / trading name? This was probably overstepping the mothers newly invented boundaries.

    • Elliot. your comment is funnier than the post. Boiling your head? Might have to borrow that one. Yes, the subjects some of us (present company included) find interesting or “must see” tv is pretty appalling. How did these people get to be famous anyway? I don’t get it.

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