Just Say No To Zero Population Growth

Michelle Duggar, 45, and her husband, Jim Bob, have revealed they are expecting their twentieth child. Well, whoopee. What a surprise. And just when we were hoping for the joys of menopause to hit Michelle.

“We are so excited,” Michelle said. “I was not thinking that God would give us another one, and we are just so grateful.” I’ll bet you are grateful. Now it’s for sure your TV show will be renewed for another season.

The Duggar’s motto is “There’s always room for one more.” Really? Is that the motto? Is that what it means to bring a child into the world? Why not have another one, we have room in the dorm, one of the older ones is moving out. What was her name again? Not sure, but it starts with the letter “J”.

Seems as if that’s a bit of a superficial motto but then, when you’re into hyping your reality show and your new book “A Love That Multiplies”, that’s as good a motto as any.

Jim Bob (his name would have to be Jim Bob, isn’t it fitting?) joked “I don’t know how it happened.” Ha, ha! Isn’t Jim Bob funny?

Jim Bob looks like he’s been driving the Clown Car, and says (all joking aside about him not knowing how it works) that they “didn’t want to stop at an odd number.” Oh, well then, that makes perfect sense. So given that 20 is an even number, and the fact that they already live in a house big enough to house the cast of Saturday Night Live and there’s always room for one more, why not bring another human being into this world? Those are good reasons. As good as any I can think of to take on the responsibility of another child.

It’s obscene. That these self-professed Christian people continue to do this, take advantage of the fact that Michelle’s eggs are refusing to give up and Jim Bob’s Super Sperm are still paddling upstream, in order to procreate again and again so they can get on the national news, and all over the internet, and write more books, and get the title of their TV show changed to 20 Kids and Counting. It is materialistic and irresponsible and reprehensible. What selfish individuals they must be.

And of course, the twenty kids and their future spouses are brain-washed into thinking that this is the right thing to do and what if each couple procreates ten times over? Michelle and Jim Bob (I still can’t believe his name is really Jim Bob), will have 400 grandchildren.

It “takes a village” to raise a child. It will take a village to house the Duggars and their children and grandchildren.

What if we all did that?

I know, I know, Michelle and Jim Bob don’t care about that. They are just glad that they did it first, and they are the lucky ones to get the reality show. All the couples who come after them and have twenty kids won’t be so lucky. But maybe if they start earlier, and have one per year until they’re 45, they might be able to out-procreate the Duggars by half a dozen kids or so. And don’t forget multiple births. An added bonus!

It’s a job to them. See, we have to have all these kids so we can get on the Today Show, and everyone will know who we are, and we can write books, and make lots of money. That way, Jim Bob doesn’t have to work too hard at being a “realtor”.

Never mind that we have recently hit a world population of seven billion and we are running out of resources. Don’t you worry about that, Michelle and Jim Bob. You just think about how that new little one is going to increase your coffers, and get you more attention, okay? Because that’s what you’re doing, despite all your lamentations otherwise, that you are “grateful for each and every gift of a child”. I guess you could look at it as a “gift”.

I put a scene in my novel, Whatever Happened to Lily?, about this very thing. No one ever mentioned it, and it was a bit disappointing, because I’d hoped it would be a social commentary of sorts. That the girl Katie, who Jay wanted to get it on with, was only interested in marriage and having twenty children to become “warriors for God”. He didn’t want any part of that scenario. Good for Jay, he thinks a lot like I do.

I thought a long time about writing this, because it has all been said before, by others, again and again, how these people don’t get it. It enrages me, that they WILL NOT STOP IT. And I will supply no links to any website that condones the behavior of the Duggars or anyone else in the quiverfull movement.

2 thoughts on “Just Say No To Zero Population Growth

  1. You go, girl! And when the novelty wears off, and the public abandons them (and we know this will happen), feeding, housing and educating this brood will be a real challenge…oh, wait – there must be tax dollars just waiting for these two charmers and their clan!!

  2. The Hot Catholics and Muslims do this, as do Chasidic Jews (I’m Secular.) and THEN when you say (not to their face-to other people) that it’s Socially Irresponsible Idiots will retort “NO it’s Not because They can Afford it.”

    In the FIRST place-that’s not always True.

    In the Second Place-are they Digging Ditches to Afford it??

    And the Third and most important point is that of the Original Poster here. Having too many Kids is bad for the same reason having a Gas-Guzzling Vehicle you don’t need is bad. Think of the Planet.

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