When You Don’t Feel Creative and Get Distracted, or What Happened to the Weekend?

This post will be of the “and a little more” variety.

Today, I do not feel particularly creative. I feel like the weekend is nearly over, and I haven’t accomplished too much. It was one of those weekends when I started one thing, got distracted and ended up in a completely different place than I’d hoped to be. This is also the first time I have procrastinated until mid-afternoon of my post day, before writing the blog I promised would be posted weekly.

Yesterday I bought a software package, Quicken. I brought it home, installed it, and began to use it, then wondered why I’d bothered. I don’t think it’s going to do anything for me that Excel can’t. I love Excel. I feel so computer-y and high tech when I get a formula to work right. So I entered a lot of data, then realized, it’s all right there in my online banking so why do I need this? Maybe I will discover its usefulness at a later date. I won’t give up on it.

Today I read a tweet about those Westboro Baptist folks that no one can figure out, and ended up googling them. I was going to post something on Facebook about the jerks, but every bad thing I could possibly have said about them has already been said. Suffice to say, I am dazed and confused when it comes to those people and their grandiose delusions. I decided not to post anything.

Do you see where I am going with this? No, you can’t. The post is indicative of my weekend.

As everyone, I am horrified by the situation in Japan. How much more can one country take? Now volcanoes are erupting and it is “unclear whether the volcanoes are linked to the earthquake”. We go about our business, to the grocery store, or to the mall, or out to lunch, while the people of Japan are dealing with a crisis so massive it is not comprehendable. Their country might never be the same. When I see the pictures, I wonder, where do they start, to clean it up? Cars not inside garages, but on top of them, mangled vehicles, destroyed towns, homes swept away, missing relatives, food and water shortages. Fear of a nuclear meltdown.

It seems to me that natural disasters are coming with more regularity. Haiti and Chile and Japan. Earthquakes, tsunamis. I am embarrassed to admit how old I was before I knew what a tsunami was (so I won’t say), but now they seem to be happening with increased regularity. Again, I got distracted, and wondered what the Rapture Index was right now, how it had reacted to the earthquake. For those of you who have read Second Stories, you know I am interested in the mindset that believes in the Rapture, and the index that goes along with it. Disappointed. The rapture index hasn’t been updated since March 7. Maybe it’s only updated weekly. Can that be? That doesn’t seem too timely, what if the Rapture occurs mid-week? Not helpful to those who watch the index regularly. BTW, the index has been “Fasten Your Seatbelts” for a really long time so the green banana market sucks.

The weekend nears its end, and we even lost an hour. I do so wish they wouldn’t do that, muck about with the time, even though we will enjoy the extra daylight. We should all be grateful that we have a weekend, imperfect though it may be, that we have our homes, and our lives, intact. I think of the people in Japan. They likely aren’t distracted. They have one goal. To survive.

2 thoughts on “When You Don’t Feel Creative and Get Distracted, or What Happened to the Weekend?

  1. I’m not even a writer and I have ‘distracted’ days (more often than I care to admit)! The sort of day when you go to bed and wonder where the day went, and can’t remember what of consequence you did with that day! And you’re right – something like the tragedy in Japan happens, and you realise that your problems are microscopic compared to what they’re facing! Looks like the US and a host of other countries are there or on the way with food, water and equipment. Wish everyone could pull together all the time, without having some tragedy happen first!

  2. To add to your thoughts about Quicken, Tom loves it and has used it for years. That software package knows more about my life than I do. But I would have no idea how it compares to any other programs.

    Here’s another way to think of distracted time. Before I retired, I went to a planning seminar sponsored by our teachers’ union, and they talked about “drift time.” I liked it–gives time not spent in meaningful activities more clout.

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