It’s that Time Again…

I just did a review of a book on the Boomers and Books blog, where I am now a collaborator. It’s a humorous book, called According to Jane. Click to be redirected to the blog and my comments about this delightful read.

The blogging group is a bunch of authors who have attained a certain age, thus the title. It’s relatively new, so the look and feel may change from time to time. But it promises to be a good resource for all us baby boomers who like to read.

I find myself in that anxious time, during the “I just ordered your book” phase and the phase where any feedback is offered. So, yet again, my insecurities rear their ugly heads. I try to be objective, and reread my own book and think, does it suck? Is it any good? I still like it, but of course, I would like it, I wrote it. Certainly no one would write something they, themselves, didn’t like.

It’s true then, it’s not possible to be objective. I can’t read it, as if I’d never seen it before, and give myself an honest opinion. I’ll just have to wait. And assume that if I hear nothing, then that means, well, it sucks.

1 thought on “It’s that Time Again…

  1. I guess that’s why we need editors, huh? To pull our books apart for us and help us make them better. I find that a certain amount of objectivity comes with time, though. If I go back and read something I wrote a few years ago, I can see how far I’ve come and where I can improve. Mind you, my first novel came out a few months ago and I’m still waiting for someone to slate it!

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